A Fantastic Science Week!

For Science week this year the College theme was journeys and each key stage were given different life cycles to explore; year 1 had butterflies. We received our tiny caterpillars at the beginning of the week and were fascinated with how small and cute they were. However, this did not last long as they soon started to become very big and very fat with all the food they were eating. We observed the changes closely and saw them making silk in the pot and shedding their exoskeletons. On Tuesday 19th March our caterpillars finally made their way to the top of their pots and started to hang in the 'j' position. By the end of Friday they had all formed their chrysalides and needed to be careful removed from their pots and transferred into the Chrysalis Stations in the nets. We are now waiting for our beautiful butterflies to emerge and cannot wait to share our photographs with you; watch this space!

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