Aliens have landed! 🛸

On Monday 3rd January 2019 the discovery of the spaceship was made by Mrs Pallett at 9.15am. She quickly alerted the Reception children and asked them to help investigate. The children took a close look at the crash site and spaceship wreckage. The children asked Mrs Cox to inform Mrs Fotheringham as she is the Principal of the College and in charge.

”It bounced off the moon and crashed here“ Freddie

”It came out the sky and hit the roof and then bang” Jimmie

”I see smoke coming out the ship“ Ruby

”Where have the aliens gone?“ Poppy

That last comment started the children on a alien hunt around the school. Nothing was found but the children painted pictures of the spaceship and drew prictures of what they thought the aliens may look like.

What a ‘Wow day’ 😀

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