How we learn on 'No Pens Wednesday.'

On Wednesday 3rd October, we took part in No Pens Wednesday so it meant we could not write anything for any of our lessons! During the morning, we took part in a multiplication facts carousel and played many games to help improve the speed of our recall. We then had a brilliant swimming lesson; many of us can now swim a whole length of the small pool! Finally, in the afternoon, we acted the story of Thomas Becket and were able to show our peers and finally we put Sir Thomas Becket and King Henry II in the hot seat and asked them lots of questions. Hannah- “We had a really brilliant day not using our pens or pencils. My team managed to complete the matching game for our times tables in less than 2 minutes!” Tommy- “I liked siting in the hot seat for King Henry II. I was able to tell people what to do and I remembered lots of vocabulary to help tell the story of Thomas Becket.”


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