Learning through talking on 'No Pens Wednesday.'

No Pens Day was on 3rd October this year and what a great day we had! The day focussed on the  incredibly important skills of speaking and listening. During our Maths session, we looked at problem solving using a range of materials and resources to support our thinking and learning. 

Emily, Skye and Amelia used the Numicon to help them solve the toy shop problem. 

During English, we looked at the story of ‘Tuesday’ by David Wiesner. The children were encouraged to narrate the illustrations in the book using a huge range of vocabulary. Angel and Miss Pitcher chose to describe one of the toads as ‘bulbous’. This lesson gave the children an opportunity

to discuss their thoughts and ideas without having to record any information.

The afternoon session was spent exploring how sound travels by creating string telephones and communicating with other members of the class. We discussed how sound travels over a distance and why sounds are louder when we are closer to them and quieter when the source is further away.

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