The Race to Clean up Space!

During Art Week, Year 5 focussed on space debris. Jasmine- “There is 41,000 pieces of space debris and this is always increasing. We watched a video showing us the amount of space debris from the 1960s. Now you can barely see Earth.” We also created leaflets to explain why there is so much debris and then researched the different ways in which scientists and astronauts are trying to reduce it. We decided to base our artwork on space and therefore designed, created and evaluated different pieces of NASA clothing. Maddie- “I designed an astronaut’s helmet. The materials I used were cardboard, plastic and a bit of foil. I had to make sure there would have been a visor so the astronaut could see.” Oskar- “We were using recycled materials to try and help us reduce our use of plastic and make us realise how much we use.”

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