World War 2 Workshops

Updated: Nov 19, 2018

This week Year 6 had a whole day immersed in the life of children during World War 2.  With many children dressed up in 1940s costumes, they took part in numerous workshops through which they gained real understanding of the experiences and issues for children their age during World War 2.  They learned wartime songs and dances; found out about rationing of not only food but clothing; looked at some very interesting examples of 1940s (under!)clothing; learned how to salute, march and carry wooden rifles during an Army drill session; learned about lots of different civilian roles, such as Air Raid Wardens and Land Army girls; learned about the development of different styles of gas mask and had the opportunity to try some on.  The day concluded with a real air raid siren being sounded in the school hall!

White Cliffs Primary College for the Arts, St Radigunds Road,

Dover, Kent, CT17 0LB

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